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Office supplies and stationery

Need for office supplies and Stationery

Office stationery and forms occupies a significant place in office management from cost point of view. Generally, the value of office stationery and forms is very small but used regularly in any office. These includes paper, envelope, latter heads, paper pads, printed forms, rubber, carbon papers, ink, stencil, typewriter ribbons, pencils, correcting fluid, pens, gums, stamp pad, pins, duplicating paper, paper weight, file covers, duplicating ink, tag, clips, sealing wax, glue, and the like.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the office is based on the adequate availability of office stationery and forms. Every office staff must be provided with the best tools of right type in order to enable them to produce the best possible results.

A separate person is appointed to store the stationery and forms and issue the same to the office employees. He has to determine the standards of supplies, purchase of supplies, storage of supplies; departmental control over supplies etc. Each of the stationery is manufactured by-different firms in different qualities. Each of the stationery is procured according to the needs of an office.

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